Jax Wax Essential Microfiber Towel Detailing Kit

Jax Wax Essential Microfiber Towel Detailing Kit


Contains Any Microfiber Towel You Need For Each and Every Detailing Task at a Savings of 25%!

  • Get Better Results in Less Time with the Right Microfiber Towel Designed For The Job
  • Contains All The Towels You Need For Any Cleaning, Polishing or Drying Task
  • No More Searching For and Using Dirty Towels
  • Quality Towels Get Quality Results
  • Makes The Perfect Gift


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The Jax Wax Essential Microfiber Towel Detailing Kit Contains an Assortment of Specialized Microfiber Towels to Make Detailing Jobs Fast, Easy and Effective to Get the Best Results Possible!

How many times have you:

Looked for a Clean Microfiber Towel to Use?

Had to Use a Dirty or Contaminated Microfiber Towel that You Really Didn't Want to Use?

Wish You Had a Specific or Better Towel for the Job at Hand?

It can be frustrating to say the least! The Jax Wax Essential Microfiber Towel Detailing Kit not only has a towel for every detailing task, but enough towels so you won't have to use a soiled one when you need it.

If you are new to using microfiber, a specific towel and just want to try and test it, or a detailing and microfiber veteran, this microfiber towel detailing kit is ideal is ideal in any case. Whether you are doing general cleaning, cleaning glass, drying off the vehicle, wiping off wax or detail spray wax ,or polishing metal - this microfiber towel kit has the specific towel to get the job done right.

Many customers carry this microfiber towel detailing kit with them when going to shows to help with the final details. You can never have too many towels when you need them!

The Jax Wax Essential Microfiber Towel Detailing Kit Includes:

(2) Waffle Weave Microfiber Glass Cleaning Towels 15" X 25"

This Glass Towel's Dense Waffle Weave Construction Makes it Easy to Get Streak Free Glass!

  • Picks Up Contaminants From Glass Like a Magnet
  • Ultra Absorbent
  • Large Size is Perfect for Not Constantly Having to Change the Towel Out While Cleaning

(2) Scratchless Waffle Weave Microfiber Drying Towels 16" X 24"
Unlike a Dirty Chamois, this Extremely Absorbent Towel Will Not Scratch Your Finish When Removing Water

  • Maximum Water Absorption
  • Holds 9 Times it's Weight in Fluids
  • Most Gentle on Delicate Surfaces
  • Absorbs Water and Removes Any Remaining Contaminants At The Same Time

(2) Double Plush Edgeless Microfiber Towels 16" X 16"
This Double Plush Microfiber Towel is Perfect for Buffing, Removing Wax, and Quick Detailing without Scratching!

  • No Edges to Scratch Your Finish
  • Extremely Soft and Deep Pile
  • Plush on BOTH Sides
  • Gentle on Even the Most Delicate Surfaces

(2) Super Plush Microfiber Towel 16" X 24"
This Super Plush Microfiber Towel is Perfect for Buffing, Removing Wax, and Quick Detailing without Scratching!

  • Smooth Edges
  • More Dense and Deeper Pile
  • 16" X 24" - Larger Towel Area
  • Especially Plush and Soft
  • Gentle on Delicate Finishes

(5) Microfiber Towel 16" X 16"
This All Purpose Microfiber Towel is a "Must Have" and one of the True Innovations in Detailing!

  • Gentle on the Surface - Will Not Scratch
  • Attracts and Holds Dirt, Grime and Dust
  • Makes Tasks Easy
  • Holds 7-Times it's Weight in Liquid

Care Instructions:  Caring for your microfiber towels is very easy. By keeping a few simple things in mind, you can keep your microfiber towels looking and working like new. Wash and dry your microfibers at home in your own washer and dryer. Using our Jax Wax Micro Renew detergent; Wash with warm water. Proceed to dry them using a low temperature.

  • Do Not use Bleach
  • Do Not use Fabric Softener or Dryer Sheets
  • Do Not wash with other cotton items, separate colors, do not wash dark and light color together
  • Do Not Dry with high heat

Bleach will break down the polyester and polyamide fibers. Fabric softeners or dryer sheets will coat your fibers, making them less effective. If you do not want your microfiber towels to lint, do not wash them with cotton fabrics. The lint from the cotton items will get trapped in you microfiber towels causing them to lint the next time you use them. Drying your microfiber towels with high heat will literally melt the fibers. Instead, tumble dry with low or no heat.