Round Microfiber Applicator Sponges - 5" Pack of 2

Round Microfiber Applicator Sponges - 5" Pack of 2


Apply Cleaners, Dressings or Wax Without Scratching Delicate Surfaces with these Rugged Microfiber Applicator Sponges

  • Perfect for Applying Interior Cleaners and Dressings
  • Soft and Non Abrasive
  • Lifts and Traps Dirt and Contaminants During Use
  • Just Rinse or Wash for Reuse


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These plush round microfiber applicators are super soft, will not scratch delicate surfaces and pick up contaminants from the surface at the same time like a magnet.

They are perfect for applying interior cleaners and dressings - using the right tool makes all the difference! They apply products evenly and will not scratch even the most delicate surfaces.

Some people use rags and towels for cleaning and applying dressings. You can get the better results and save time by using these microfiber applicators. Microfiber wrapped in an absorbent sponge allows you to easily control the amount of cleaning or dressing products desired for a nice even coat.

When you are done, rinse and let dry or launder just as you would your microfiber towels.