Super Blue Solvent Based Dressing for Rubber, Plastic and Vinyl - 1 gallon

Super Blue Solvent Based Dressing for Rubber, Plastic and Vinyl - 1 gallon


Professional Grade Exterior Solvent Based Dressing for Tires and any Rubber, Plastic and Vinyl Trim

  • Easily Restores Fading
  • Protects and Prevents Fading, Cracking and Other Harmful UV Effects
  • Pleasant Scent
  • Can be used on Damp Surfaces with Excellent Results
  • Long Lasting - the product will not wash right off like water-based dressings
  • Dries Completely - Will Not Stay Tacky After Application
  • Great Protection and Luster on Vinyl and Convertible Tops, Tonneau Covers without Streaking or Run Off
  • Safe and Will not Stain Painted Surfaces


ProdID: SB01

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Jax Wax Super Blue is a dressing to restore and rejuvenate tires and any other exterior rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces to make them look like new again.

Jax Wax Super Blue also protects surfaces from harmful UV damage and other outside elements where your vehicle is under constant attack.

There are 3 major reasons that you want to use a solvent based dressing for tires and exterior rubber, plastic and vinyl trim, instead of a water based dressing. They are:


1) Holds up better than a Water Based Dressing

As soon as water comes into contact with a water based dressing - it's gone, washed away - kaput. With Jax Wax Super Blue being solvent based, it tends to hold up much better repelling water and moisture. It lasts much longer.

2) Does a better job restoring faded trim

Jax Wax Super Blue easily restores faded rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces to look like new.

3) Easily removes wax marks from exterior trim

When dressing exterior trim, Jax Wax Super Blue does not just cover up any wax marks on exterior trim, but rather will remove excess wax from trim pieces. This is due to it's solvent based formula. There is so much plastic and vinyl trim on newer vehicles, no matter how careful you may be, you will hit it with wax and leave an unsightly mark. Jax Wax Super Blue will remove it!

Jax Wax Super Blue is excellent at restoring and rejuvenating vinyl tops and for those final details for dressing and protecting undercarriages and wheel wells. Can even be used on wet surfaces with excellent results.


1. Either spray product directly on surface or spray on an applicator and wipe it on the surface.

2. Wipe off excess product with a towel on any adjoining surface.

3. Let product dry for a high gloss. If less gloss (matte finish) is desired, wipe with a towel when wet.



Depending on the profile (width of the sidewall) of the tire, instead of spraying Jax Wax Super Blue directly on the tire, saturate an applicator and wipe it on the tire. We recommend setting aside an applicator just to be used for Jax Wax Super Blue.

This will ensure a nice even coat and reduce the amount of over spray that needs to be cleaned off the rim. If you do get Jax Wax Super Blue - no worries - it will just help clean the wheel. Jax Wax Super Blue will wipe right off any wheel surface with no residue. Try to let the product dry before driving right off to reduce any "sling". If you do drive the vehicle before allowing it to dry and it does sling, simply wipe off with a quick detailer like Jax Wax Body Shine or Jax Wax Hawaiian Shine and wipe with a microfiber towel.


Dress all your trim as the last step after waxing. With the amount of plastic and vinyl trim on new cars these days, it is near impossible not to come in contact with it when applying wax - no matter how careful you are.

In addition to dressing the trim, Jax Wax Super Blue will safely remove any wax residue. When applying simply agitate the surface with your applicator. Then simply wipe off any residue from painted surface. Jax Wax Super Blue will not effect or any harm glass or painted surfaces.

Wheel Wells and Undercarriage

As a final step in detailing, spray Jax Wax Super Blue inside the wheel wells and any undercarriage in view. Jax Wax Super Blue will dry and hide any dirt or grime and make the wheel wells and undercarriage look clean and showroom fresh. Use as a last step when staging a car for show, or when you detail a vehicle.

Vinyl or Convertible Tops, Tonneau Covers or other Large Areas

.When applying Jax Wax Super Blue to a large area, apply with an applicator first "North and South" in even overlapping strokes. Then reapply "East and West". Going one way and then the other reduces any chances of seeing streaking and will ensure nice even coverage. When complete, wipe any excess off with a towel and let dry. This will prevent any of the product running off on your painted surface.

For Extremely Faded Trim or Vinyl

Use a couple of thin, even applications to restore and bring back the brilliance of faded vinyl trim.

For Interior Use

Use a water based dressing like Jax Wax Shine All. Interior trim parts are much more delicate than exterior trim parts. Read why here "Keeping It Simple: Straight Talk about Dressings for Rubber Plastic and Vinyl"

For "Matte", Flat Black. or "Rat Rod" Finishes

Removing fingerprints or streaks from the increasingly popular "matte" finishes or even "flat" finishes on newer cars can be a challenge. Quick spray detailers will not do the job. Simply apply Jax Wax Super Blue with an applicator directly on the surface as you would a vinyl top (above) and towel it dry. This will remove any fingerprints or streaks and leave a perfect finish!

The reason that we are confident that you will love Jax Wax Super Blue is simple - We ARE the Manufacturer. Even though more costly, we only use the highest quality ingredients and do not dilute our products to increase profits.